First easy to use and friendly CO2 contrast injector
First time effective CO2 contrast injector allowing a realistic production approach vs contrast agent injectors
Unique safety features

Worldwide innovations:
First automatic CO2 contrast injector with automatic and safe purge patented system!!!
First automatic CO2 contrast injector with heating system
First automatic CO2 contrast injector with advanced protocols for single injection or multiple injections (occurrences)

Concentrate of technologies:
Heating system, emergency stop, automatic purge, CO2 captors to ensure a 100% CO2 injected in the patient.

Unmatched precision:
The most advanced CO2 injector of the world with impressive flow delivery precision of +/- 0,5ml/s

Large pressure range:
Adjustable pressure range from 35 to 1500mmHg for large number of different procedures

Single use administration sets:
Cost effective and safe single use consumables: No risk of cross contamination.

Large scope:
Angiography, sonography, Computed Tomography, (CT) and Radiography
Economical alternative to expensive contrast agents
No nephrotoxicity
No allergic reactions
Low viscosity 1/400 of the iodinated contrasts: Better for small venas, smaller and less invasive needles
No side effects for patient

Example of procedures:

CO2 peripheral extremity artieries
CO2 aortography Runoff
CO2 renal artery angioplasty and stenting
CO2 visceral angiography and intervention
CO2 transplant renal artery DSA
CO2 for detection of bleeding
CO2 mesenteric Artery
CO2 abdominal Aortogram
CO2 femoral arteries
CO2 popliteal arteries
CO2 guided EVAR
CO2 Iliac or pelvic atery
CO2 peripheral and central vein
CO2 upper extremity venography
CO2 for hemodialysis access
CO2 splenoportal venogram
COarm venogram
CO2 vena cavography prior to filter placement
CO2 inferior vena cava
CO2 renal Vein
CO2 direct Portography
CO2 wedged hepatic venography
CO2 splenoportography
CO2 lower Limb
CO2 dialysis Fistula
CO2 pelvic Anteriogram
CO2 leg Anteriogram
CO2 renal Transplant
CO2 TIPS procedure

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